First Edition Presets by Mariah Smith



SOHO seeks to strike a perfect balance between contrast & saturation, which results in a look that feels clean, crisp & naturally enhanced. SOHO doesn’t affect the temperature or tint; rather it focuses on a select range of hues across the color spectrum. The most notable changes occur within the reds, greens & blues of your images. 




VILLA is intended to be a departure from the way we typically see reality and I like to describe this LUT as a rose-colored glass. It emulates those special moments right before sunrise or immediately following sunset. The low contrast in this look is really easy on the eye as it softens the subject and pulls down any highlights.



BONDI was based off of the desire to achieve warm shadows & still maintain clean whites & mid-tones. This LUT takes the nostalgic feeling of instant film from the 1970's and brings it into the 21st century. You'll notice the shadows carry a lot of depth yet the overall image isn't compromised. BONDI is great at giving skin tones a subtle warmth that's flattering on any subject. 



NOLO is my essential starting point for any black & white image I am trying to create. It's not too flat and it's not too crushed. NOLO strikes a balance right in the middle.

About The Creator:

Hello there! My name is Mariah Smith. I'm a commercial video editor who has been enthralled by post-production ever since I can remember. I've had the opportunity to work with some incredible companies such as Target, 3M, General Mills and Boston Scientific with the Capture Film Co team. Each day presents itself with new challenges, whether we're working on a doc-style story or perfecting a product in-studio. Over the years, I've learned it's essential to work smarter in order to speed up the post-production process, without compromising quality. 

The Story Behind The Product:

That's where this preset pack comes in. You see, I've always been a huge fan Adobe Premiere Pro, but despite their many efforts Lumetri Color still falls short of a lot of the features I find myself reaching for while color grading. I eventually realized I was looking for the same handful of looks, over and over, and constantly getting frustrated with my inability to achieve them in Premiere.

After I receiving my certificate from the International Colorist Academy, I became more and more interested in the ways I could utilize DaVinci Resolve in our projects without slowing down our workflow by jumping from program to program. I learned that by creating a "look" for each individual project in Resolve, I could bring that into Premiere Pro as a 3D LUT. This process has saved me countless hours while enabling me to achieve the results that I have always wanted. 

About The Product:

This preset pack includes four 3D LUTS that I created with compatibility in both Adobe Premiere & Final Cut Pro. I've seen a lot of people sell their LUTS online in a pack with 20+ different looks but I wanted to focus my presets on quality over quantity. These are the four looks that I find myself turning to the most often and these are the ones I feel most confident in.

In order to use these LUTS, you need to be proficient in Premiere or Final Cut and have the ability to create a balanced image. These LUTS are compatible with any camera and any color profile. But like any LUT, you need to create a solid foundation before you begin to add any creative color-grading to the image. I suggest performing your basic color correction on each individual clip, then creating an Adjustment Layer over your entire sequence that contains your LUT of choice.

Don't let any of this intimidate you if you consider yourself a beginner. This workflow will become second nature as you continue to repeat it from project to project. 

Here are some great resources to help you learn more about 3D LUTS:

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Thank you so much for your interest in my First Edition Presets for Adobe Premiere & Final Cut Pro! Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions regarding the product at All digital products by Smith & Riah are copyright and illegal to resell or download without compensation.